About the Grants

NOTE: Unfortunately, we are suspending Going-to-the-Sun Grants. Our primary donor is concerned that the recent election will result in a substantial reduction in support for the programs that cushion the most vulnerable in society from hard landings. Until that fear is proven wrong, our funding is going to be reallocated. Although travel for young people is a way to open the hearts and minds of future generations, it is still a luxury when compared with food, healthcare, and housing, all of which are under threat. Hopefully we will be back with Going-to-the-Sun Grants in the future, and we hope that everyone keeps exploring in the meantime!


Anyone who is 18-25 years old at the time of application and who spent the majority of his or her youth in Montana is eligible to apply for a Going-to-the-Sun Travel Grant.

Travel Grants must be used for international travel. If it doesn’t require a passport, it isn’t eligible.

A total of $5,000 will be awarded each year, which can be divided among more than one individual if submitted budgets allow.

Grants will be awarded according to the trip plan submitted as part of the application process. Things like airfare and fees for courses or activities will be paid directly to the commercial providers. A cash stipend to cover incidentals as enumerated in the trip plan will be paid directly to the grant recipient. $500 of the grant will be held in escrow and paid to the grant recipient upon completion of a travel essay based on his or her experience.

Grants must be used within one year of being awarded.