(Please feel free to submit any additional questions to [email protected] if they are not addressed here.)

Where were the pictures on the site taken?

Visit our Facebook page and click on a photograph in the album “Where in the world…?” to find out where it was taken.

Who exactly ARE you?

We are an informal club of adults with Montana roots who believe that travel is the best education. We are from all over Montana, and some of us have lived or are currently living abroad.

Can I use the Travel Grant to visit Puerto Rico?

No. Puerto Rico, like Guam and the US Virgin Islands, is a territory of the United States, and you do not need a passport to travel there.

Do I have to have graduated from high school to apply?

No. The only eligibility requirements are age (between 18 and 25 at the time of application) and Montana residency (majority of time before turning 18 spent in Montana).

Can I use the Travel Grant to help pay for a trip that costs more than $5,000?

Yes, although a description of how the portion of the trip covered by the Travel Grant fits with the overall journey is required, and $500 will still be held back until receipt of a travel essay.

Can I use the Travel Grant to pay for a friend’s travel expenses?

Sort of. If you would like to submit a joint application with a friend for travel together, make sure that this is specified in the cover email and attach both applications. Each person needs to answer all the questions, and please explain why you are applying together.